People of all ages are choosing TeethXpress over dentures and bridgework

If the thought of removing your denture teeth before retiring to bed each night seems unthinkable, it’s worth knowing that there are far better options with dental implants.

When you consider the many benefits of dental implants – replacement of missing teeth, smiling with confidence, eating a wide variety of food choices – it is wise to replace your removable partial or complete denture with the life changing TeethXpress dental implant procedure.

Picture of dental implant patient smiling

Carly, TeethXpress patient

Most likely you are not too young or too old for TeethXpress

Patients of all ages are choosing TeethXpress. We recently interviewed Carly, a 39-year old TeethXpress patient. Carly says, “When I saw my new teeth for the first time, I couldn’t stop smiling.”

We also thought we’d share a more-senior patient’s perspective on his experience with receiving new teeth supported by dental implants. So we asked Marc, a 71-year old TeethXpress recipient, how his new teeth have affected his life.

Since he can now chew his food properly, Marc says, “My nutrition is definitely better. I’m not gulping down large chunks of food.” TeethXpress helps restore normal chewing capacity so that you can enjoy eating the foods you love again.

Picture of dental implant patient smiling

Marc, TeethXpress patient

Most people can't tell which celebrities have dental implants

It's difficult to tell which missing teeth world-class models like Christie Brinkley and Kathy Ireland have replaced with dental implants. Even world-famous lead singer and songwriter of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, made the wise choice of replacing his missing teeth with dental implants.

We asked the energetic, 75-year old southern Delta blues singer, who goes by the stage name of “Mississippi-Millie,” why she chose the TeethXpress procedure to replace several of her

Picture of dental implant patient smiling

Millie, TeethXpress patient

missing teeth. Without hesitation, Millie replied, “I was hiding my mouth. Now I smile and it lights up the room.”

Millie went on to say, “I feel like I’m 20 years younger.”

Locating a TeethXpress provider near you is super easy!


If dental implants seem like a clear choice for you, we encourage you to go to Find a Doctor on this website to review the profiles of Certified TeethXpress Providers in your local area.

Once you select a provider, schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about how the TeethXpress procedure can change your life, in as little as one day!