People of all ages are choosing TeethXpress over dentures and bridgework

Dental implants for upper teeth

Does the thought of placing dentures in a cup of water each night before going to bed seems unthinkable? Consider choosing TeethXpress dental implants over denture or bridgework.

Your age may not be the barrier you think it is.

Let’s first consider a few great benefits of the TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure:

  • Offers a replacement of several missing teeth
  • Allows for a wide variety of food choices (compared with dentures)
  • Offers a beautiful new smile in just one day
  • Helps preserve jawbone

With these benefits alone, there really is no wonder why so many individuals of all ages choose TeethXpress over dentures and old bridgework.

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  1. You’re likely not too young for TeethXpress dental implants
  2. You’re likely not too old for TeethXpress dental implants
  3. Most people can’t tell which celebrities have dental implants
  4. Locating a TeethXpress provider near you is super easy

You’re likely not too young for TeethXpress dental implants

Picture of Carly's new TeethXpress dental implant smile
Carly, 39, TeethXpress dental implant patient

Carly, a 39-year-old TeethXpress patient, replaced her missing and bad teeth in both her upper and lower jaws with dental implants. “When I saw my new teeth for the first time, Carly said, “I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Imagine being able to look in the mirror after one dental appointment and, smiling uncontrollably. That was Carly’s experience. Because Carly was under general anesthesia (or sedation dentistry), she was able to sleep through the surgery. There was no pain or discomfort.

Carly had several missing teeth and lacked the ability to eat from a wide variety of food choices. She was only in her 30’s, but her condition is more common than many assume. Carly liked this TeethXpress procedure for the replacement of her upper teeth so much, she later decided to do the same for her lower teeth. Now she has full-mouth dental implants.

Cara full mouth dental implant patient
Cara, 35, TeethXpress dental implant patient

Much the same as Carly, Cara is only 35 and she too was embarrassed to smile. Cara shared, “I’m a Pilates instructor. It’s health-based, and the healthier you look, the further you go.” In other words, having bad teeth can negatively affect the income of a professional like Cara.

Cara’s diet was also suffering since she found it difficult to chew healthy foods. So, she simply avoided making healthy food choices like raw carrots, corn on the cob or tasty fruit such as mango.

Once she understood her overall health was suffering, Cara knew something had to be done. Repairing her broken-down teeth with traditional crown and bridgework would’ve been more expensive than TeethXpress.

Cara opted for the TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure and within a matter of a few short hours, had a beautiful new smile.

You’re likely not too old for TeethXpress dental implants

Patients who are well into their 70s and 80s routinely choose TeethXpress over dentures. In the case of Marc, a 71-year-old TeethXpress recipient, his new teeth have had a dramatic affect on his life.

Marc showing before and after TeethXpress procedure
Marc, 71, TeethXpress dental implant patient

TeethXpress helps restore normal chewing capacity so you can enjoy eating the foods you love again. Marc says of the cost of full mouth dental implants, “I would say that it’s well worth spending the money to have it done.” There are several options available to make dental implants affordable.

If leading a healthy diet for individuals in their 30s like Carly and Cara is important, it’s no less than vital for someone like Marc in their 70s to be able to enjoy a wide variety of food choices. For a period of time, Marc wore removable dentures.

When asked to compare his ability to eat with dentures versus full-mouth TeethXpress, Marc shared, “My nutrition is definitely better, and I’m not gulping down large chunks of food.”

Most people can’t tell which celebrities have dental implants

It’s difficult to tell which missing teeth world-class models like Kathy Ireland and Christie Brinkley have replaced with dental implants.

Brinkley told Dear Doctor, “I fractured two molars in the back of my mouth, and I had to get two dental implants. I am grateful for the dental implant technology that feels and looks so natural.”

Even world-famous lead singer and songwriter of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, made the wise choice to replace his missing teeth with dental implants.

We also asked the energetic, 75-year-old southern Delta blues singer, who goes by the stage name of “Mississippi Millie,” what led her to choose TeethXpress over dentures to replace several of her missing teeth.

Millie’s Dental Implant Story
Millie, 75, TeethXpress dental implant patient

Without hesitation, Millie replied, “I was hiding my mouth. Now I smile and it lights up the room.” Millie went on to say, “I feel like I’m 20 years younger.”

Locating a TeethXpress provider near you is super easy

If dental implants seem like a clear choice for you, we encourage you to Find a Doctor by reviewing the profiles of Certified TeethXpress Providers in your local area.

Many TeethXpress Providers offer sedation dentistry so you can sleep throughout your procedure pain-free. You will also discover most TeethXpress providers offer extended payment plan finance options to make your dental implant treatment affordable.

Once you select a provider, schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about why people of all ages prefer to choose TeethXpress over dentures. Your life may be changed in as little as one day!

When I saw my new smile for the first time, I was speechless, and it felt like the last four years without my tooth didn’t even happen.

- Marcia, a TeethXpress patient

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