Dental implants transformed Harold’s life!

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Few dental or medical procedures are capable of literally transforming someone’s life overnight like dental implants can. In an instant, a full mouth dental implant procedure can improve a person’s total outlook on life. In this story, you will learn how Harold believes his dental implants changed his life for the better.

Harold’s failing partial denture situation

Growing up, Harold remembers his mother insisted on having him visit the dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. If cavities were present, they were instantly filled. As a teenager, Harold’s mother sent him to the orthodontist for braces. His smile was never better.

As Harold grew into adulthood and no longer had his mother to keep him on track with his dental appointments, the health of his teeth started to decline. Eventually, untreated cavities led to infections, followed by root canals and extractions.

Ultimately, Harold lost most of his teeth and was forced to wear partial dentures for seven years. But he was never comfortable with them. What he hated most about his partial dentures was how food got trapped beneath them.

At home, it was no big deal. He could take the partials out and rinse them off. But when eating in public, he was forced to grit and bare the discomfort of granulated foods like nuts and carrots trapped beneath his partials.

Harold noticed the older his partials got, the bigger the food entrapment problem became. Now that Harold’s partial dentures were rapidly breaking down, it was time to pay a visit to the dentist’s office and consider his options for teeth replacement.

Harold’s failing teeth made him a candidate for dental implants

After receiving a complete examination and treatment workup, Harold’s dentist determined that given his advanced periodontal disease status, the prognosis for his remaining few teeth was not good.

His advanced periodontal disease would require that his teeth be extracted within the next two to four years, tops.

Harold’s dental office shared research with him that draws a link between periodontitis and systemic diseases. The office suggested that he was better off having his remaining periodontally infected teeth removed.

Harold had two choices: dentures or dental implants

Removing his remaining diseased teeth would leave Harold with two options to replace his remaining missing teeth. He could go with traditional removable dentures. Or he could choose the more preferred option of dental implant-supported teeth.

Option 1: Dentures

The dental office explained to Harold that with removable dentures, he would be faced with similar problems that he experienced with his partial dentures. Over time, he could expect his dentures to lose their stability, become loose while chewing and continue to experience food entrapment. The only advantage to dentures is their relative low cost when compared with dental implants.

Option 2: Dental implants

Harold’s dentist recommended dental implants. More specifically, the TeethXpress full mouth dental implant procedure. The TeethXpress procedure would allow Harold to receive a whole new set of teeth for his upper and lower jaw, stabilized by four to six dental implants. This option would provide Harold with a smile as radiant as his natural teeth were as a teenager.

Harold is elated with his dental implant treatment results

On the recommendation of his dentist, Harold made the choice to have his remaining diseased teeth removed and replaced with a full set of dental implant-supported teeth using the TeethXpress procedure.

The only thing left for Harold to figure out was how he would cover the cost of his dental implants. Once he determined a way to make this process affordable, he was excited to get started.

Harold was amazed that the dental implant surgery and teeth delivery procedure only took about four hours to complete. And because he received IV sedation, he slept, pain-free, throughout the process.

When Harold woke up and was handed a mirror to see his new teeth for the first time, he could not believe what he was witnessing. The teeth looked natural. Felt natural. They were completely stable.

Harold began to shed tears of joy and appreciation for what the dental implant team achieved. He was overjoyed to know that he would no longer be forced to remove his teeth after each meal just to clear them of residual food particles that would get stuck at the bottom of his partial dentures.

Harold also noticed that after only a few short days, the confidence in his smile was beginning to return. For him this was priceless. Needless to say, Harold is quite pleased!

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When I saw my new smile for the first time, I was speechless, and it felt like the last four years without my tooth didn’t even happen.

- Marcia, a TeethXpress patient

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