4 things you should know about the TeethXpress dental implant procedure


Perhaps what patients love most about the TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure is that it offers an immediate result. The ability to walk into a dental office and leave three or four hours later with a new, million-dollar smile can be priceless!

But when considering the TeethXpress implant procedure, you may find yourself with several questions. While we can’t anticipate every question, we’ll do our best to help you understand why so many people have found this procedure to be life-changing.

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  1. You leave the office with a new set of teeth — on the same day
  2. A short healing period is necessary for full-mouth implants
  3. The difference between whole-mouth and All-on-4® procedures
  4. Dental implants are well worth the investment in your health
  5. How to find a qualified TeethXpress dentist near me
Image of TeethXpress, sometimes call full-mouth dental implants
Upper jaw TeethXpress, also known as full-mouth dental implants

1. You leave the office with a new set of teeth — on the same day

Receiving a new smile through full-mouth implants is 100-percent possible. And this is achievable in just one day. Through the process of pretreatment planning, a TeethXpress team of highly skilled clinicians can help make this possible.

How does it work? A Certified TeethXpress Provider near you will work with a skilled dental laboratory technician to create a new set of teeth, custom-made to fit your smile.

The TeethXpress procedure can offer you a new set of teeth for either your upper or lower jaw or both if necessary. Compare this process to a pair of loose-fitting dentures and it’s no wonder this solution becomes such a clear choice for so many people.

Your new set of beautiful teeth will arrive at the dentist’s office already prepared to be professionally inserted into your mouth.

The only thing required before the new teeth are put in your mouth is the placement of dental implants. Once this is achieved, a full set of beautiful teeth can then be connected, all on four, five or six dental implants.

In a matter of a few short hours, the TeethXpress patient can leave the dentist office with a gorgeous new smile they can be proud of!

2. A short healing period is necessary for full-mouth implants

There is a huge advantage to walking into a morning appointment and leaving by noon with a new set of teeth that look and feel natural. If you wear dentures or are missing several teeth due to gum disease or tooth decay, you can not ask for a better solution than this one.

Just be careful and follow the advice of your dentist. Your new teeth will feel so good that you’ll believe you can immediately eat anything your heart desires.

Your dentist will most likely advise you to give it three or four months before you return to eating fresh fruits, raw carrots or a nice, medium-rare porterhouse steak; all the foods you used to love before your teeth started to fail you. This 3-4 month healing period is required for your jawbone to completely fuse with your new dental implants.

Why TeethXpress

During this healing period, you can enjoy several foods without jeopardizing your healing process. Pasta, ground turkey, oatmeal, eggs, fish, etc., are all great-tasting food choices that full-mouth dental implant patients can enjoy during this short healing period.

Your local Certified TeethXpress Provider will present you with a complete list of foods you can enjoy. But don’t worry, the wait will be worthwhile. When your jaw has healed, your food choices will be far from limited.

3. The difference between whole-mouth and All-on-4®[1] procedures

Millie had full-mouth dental implants
Millie, full-mouth dental implant patient

You may have heard the term “whole-mouth” implants as well. Whole-mouth is another term that is sometimes used interchangeably with the TeethXpress procedure.

The whole-mouth implant procedure is sometimes compared to the “All-on-4” procedure. As a patient, it is important to know both procedures are clinically similar in nature.

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure, by name, suggests four dental implants are placed in the jaw. Once the implants are placed, a complete set of upper or lower teeth can be immediately anchored down; all on four dental implants.

Conversely, no specific number of dental implants are suggested within commonly used terms like full-mouth, whole-mouth or TeethXpress dental implant procedures.

This is because TeethXpress providers acknowledge that each patient is different and often require different clinical needs to achieve a successful outcome. While one patient may only require four dental implants, another patient may require six.

In Millie’s case, her surgeon determined that four dental implants would be insufficient to satisfy her needs long-term. Six implants would be required to achieve a lasting smile for Millie.

The good news is that even when a surgeon determines that five or six implants (instead of four) is required for the best result, it does not necessarily mean the cost of your implant procedure will increase.

Your Certified TeethXpress Provider will be happy to discuss your specific needs with you.

4. Dental implants are well worth the investment in your health

The full-mouth dental implant procedure is a meaningful investment in your health — make no mistake about it. This procedure can cost between $11k and $25k for the upper or lower jaw. While this isn’t cheap, people who have received the treatment consider being restricted from a healthy diet more expensive.

The truth is that dental implants can be very affordable. If you consider your mouth to be the “gateway to your overall health” — and you should — you too will find dental implants to be well worth the investment. TeethXpress patients consider their restored ability to eat fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts to be priceless.

Making Implants Affordable

Common financial resources have made dental implant procedures affordable for countless individuals. Patients often choose to secure personal loans from dental financing companies like Proceed Finance.

As of 2021, Proceed Finance offers unsecured treatment lending services with maximums of up to $70,000 payable over a 96-month period. This will allow you to establish a reasonable payment plan.

Consider this possibility first when exploring affordable options to cover the cost of your dental implants. Ask your dentist if they accept Proceed Finance as a payment option for dental treatment.

Visit the Cost of Dental Implants page for more details on affordable dental implant options, including dental insurance.

What’s most important is that you look for a way to make this procedure fit with your monthly budget. Doing so will allow you to completely transform your smile without delay.

How to find a qualified TeethXpress dentist near me

Certified TeethXpress Providers can be found across the U.S. Locating a TeethXpress provider near you is as easy as visiting the Find a Doctor web page. Here, you can review multiple doctors’ treatment philosophies and biographies before making your choice.

Once you contact the office and feel comfortable, schedule a stress-free consultation to share your concerns. Take this opportunity to learn more about your treatment options.

We hope you have found this information to be helpful and encourage you to be good to yourself and to your health. You deserve it!

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[1]All-on-4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare

That’s the smile that everybody loves,” she said. “Thank God for TeethXpress!

- Millie, a TeethXpress patient

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