4 things you should know about the TeethXpress dental implant procedure

Perhaps what patients love most about TeethXpress is that it’s one of a few dental procedures that gives an individual — often with compromised teeth or no teeth at all — the ability to walk into a dental office and leave in just three to four hours later with a brand-new, million-dollar smile!

But when consumers consider the TeethXpress procedure, they may find themselves with several questions they want answered prior to visiting an office. While we can’t anticipate them all, the following are four essential pieces of information about the TeethXpress procedure.

1. Patients leave the office with a new set of teeth and a beautiful smile in one day

Receiving a completely new smile in just one day is made possible through the process of pretreatment planning by a team of highly skilled clinicians.

A local Certified TeethXpress Provider works with a skilled dental laboratory technician to create a new set of teeth, customized specifically to meet the needs of each individual patient.

This new set of beautiful teeth arrives at the dentist’s office already prepared to be professionally inserted into the patient’s mouth by the dentist.

The only thing required before the new teeth can be inserted is for the surgeon to place between four and six dental implants, which are placed beneath the gums.

Immediately following the implant surgery, the new set of teeth is anchored to the dental implants and in a matter of a few short hours the TeethXpress patient leaves the office with a gorgeous new smile they can be proud of!

2. The dental implants require a few months to completely heal

There is clearly a huge advantage to walking into a morning appointment and leaving with a completely new set of teeth that look and feel great by noon. But be careful — these new teeth will also make you feel like you can immediately eat anything your heart desires, including fresh fruits, vegetables and a nice, medium-rare porterhouse steak.

But, if you are considering the TeethXpress procedure, don’t make plans to bite into that juicy steak too soon. The dental implants will still require a three- to six-month healing period to completely fuse with your jawbone.

During this healing period, you can enjoy several foods without jeopardizing the dental implants’ ability to properly heal. Pasta, ground turkey, oatmeal, eggs, fish, smoothies, etc., are all great-tasting food choices TeethXpress patients enjoy during the healing period.

Your local Certified TeethXpress Provider will present you with a complete list of foods that can be enjoyed — as well as avoided — during this important healing period. But don’t worry, you will have ample opportunities to immediately enjoy your new teeth during this initial phase!

3. The difference between TeethXpress and All-on-4™* procedures

The TeethXpress dental implant procedure is sometimes compared with the “All-on-4” procedure. As a patient, it is important to know that both procedures are clinically similar in nature.

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure, by name, suggests that four dental implants be placed and a complete set of upper or lower teeth can be immediately anchored down, “all on four” dental implants.

Conversely, no specific number of dental implants are suggested within the TeethXpress term. This is because TeethXpress providers acknowledge that each patient is different, often requiring different clinical needs to achieve a successful outcome.

Millie, a TeethXpress patient

Millie, TeethXpress patient

Your TeethXpress provider’s observation of your condition may suggest that only four implants are required, while a different patient may require six implants.

In Millie’s case, a TeethXpress patient, her surgeon determined it was necessary to use six implants to achieve the desired outcome. The use of six implants versus four usually will not cause your total fee for the TeethXpress procedure to increase.

4. Well worth the investment in your health

If you consider your mouth to be the “gateway to your overall health” (and you should), you will find dental implants to be well worth the investment. TeethXpress patients consider their restored ability to eat fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts to be priceless.

Using common financial resources have made this procedure affordable for countless patients. Commonly, patients secure a personal loan from their banks or credit unions for small monthly payments that can be repaid over a period of 36 to 72 months.

Others have borrowed from 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plans after speaking with their human resource departments for details. Visit the Cost of Dental Implants page for more details on affordable dental implant options, including dental insurance.

What’s most important is that you look for a way to make the TeethXpress procedure affordable to your monthly budget. Doing so will allow you to completely transform your smile without delay.

How to find a qualified TeethXpress dentist near me

Certified TeethXpress Providers can be found across the U.S. Locating a TeethXpress provider near you is as easy as visiting the Find a Doctor web page. Here, you can review multiple doctors’ treatment philosophies and biographies, and then make your choice.

Once you contact the office and feel comfortable, schedule a stress-free consultation to share your concerns and learn more about your treatment options.

We hope you have found this information to be helpful and encourage you to be good to yourself and to your health. You deserve it!

*All-on-4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare