Replacing missing teeth with dental implants may help improve your health

If your remaining teeth, bridgework or dentures are failing you, it may be a good time to consider the TeethXpress dental implants procedure. Individuals who choose to replace their missing teeth using the TeethXpress dental implant procedure have virtually no limits on their food choices. In fact, it’s dental implants that make it possible for […]

If you struggle to eat nutrient-rich foods with a denture, dental implants may help

Many people with missing teeth suffer from the challenge of chewing a variety of nutrient-rich foods. Even when missing teeth have been replaced with a partial denture or full denture plate, these types of prostheses can still be extremely difficult to eat with. If you find yourself under similar circumstances and, as a consequence, you […]

5 questions to ask when considering dental implants

Implant dentistry has become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. For many patients who are deciding to replace missing teeth with dental implants, for the first time, navigating through this process can generate several questions. And for many individuals, the present novel coronavirus pandemic has only made it more difficult to have questions […]

Making the TeethXpress dental implant procedure affordable

The TeethXpress dental implant procedure is today’s best option for replacing several lost or failing teeth. The key is in making the TeethXpress procedure affordable. Ask anyone who has had the TeethXpress procedure to share their experience and if they believe it is affordable. In one way or another, the likely response will be that […]

Dental Implants – standard of care for missing teeth

Dental implants are the standard of care in modern dentistry for replacing missing teeth – whether you need one tooth, several teeth or a full set of new teeth. Why is this option preferred above all others? Dental implants have a superior long-term success track record Dental implants were first commercially available in the mid-1960s. […]

Brandon has a new smile after cancer

Thirty-year-old Brandon has a lot to smile about after being cancer-free, but when he was just 19, he received a devastating diagnosis. Doctors informed Brandon that his body was suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. Chemotherapy caused Brandon’s teeth to decay As a consequence, Brandon’s illness would need to be treated with […]

4 things you should know about the TeethXpress dental implant procedure

Perhaps what patients love most about TeethXpress is that it’s one of a few dental procedures that gives an individual — often with compromised teeth or no teeth at all — the ability to walk into a dental office and leave in just three to four hours later with a brand-new, million-dollar smile! But when […]

People of all ages are choosing TeethXpress over dentures and bridgework

If the thought of removing your denture teeth before retiring to bed each night seems unthinkable, it’s worth knowing that there are far better options with dental implants. When you consider the many benefits of dental implants – replacement of missing teeth, smiling with confidence, eating a wide variety of food choices – it is […]