How TeethXpress Changed My Life: Marc’s Story

Meet Marc, an energetic 71-year-old newlywed who has a lot to smile about. This year not only brought wedding bells, but also the chance to enjoy his new life to the fullest with new teeth. For that, he is enormously grateful for the BioHorizons dental implant system.

Not long ago, Marc was suffering from the effects of advanced gum disease. His teeth were becoming loose and starting to fall out. When he lost his top front teeth, he got a partial denture to replace them. But wearing it turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. “With dentures, you have to use some kind of compound to keep the teeth in,” Marc said. “I did that with my uppers but I didn’t enjoy it.”

Marc found that even with the adhesive, the denture would still slip. “It was coming loose all the time,” he said. “Food would get stuck under there and then you have to remove the false teeth.” When he went for a consultation with an implant dentist, Marc found out that he would not need to have an individual dental implant placed for each missing tooth; only five implants in the lower jaw and five on the top would support an entire set of new teeth using TeethXpress.

Marc did not immediately opt for dental implant treatment because it costs more initially than dentures. But when he considered that implants are designed to last a lifetime whereas dentures almost never do, he came to view dental implants as a sound, long-term investment in better health, comfort and emotional well-being.

Marc will always remember the day he got his new teeth. “It was wonderful looking in the mirror,” he said. “When I had no teeth at all, I looked very old. After they put the teeth in, it knocked 20 years off as far as the way I looked, it really did.”

“I would say that it’s well worth spending the money to have it done,” he said. “I know it’s expensive, but in the long run, dental implants are the best alternative for anyone because of the stability of the teeth and the fact that you can eat things in a normal fashion.”

“I’m very impressed with the whole procedure and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Marc scheduled his implant surgery and looked forward to the day when he could eat the foods he liked and smile with confidence again. On the day of the procedure, Marc’s implant surgeon gave him local anesthesia to numb his mouth. That turned out to be all he needed to keep comfortable during the procedure. Marc’s last 10 failing teeth were removed, and coincidently 10 implants were placed — five in the upper jaw and five in the lower jaw. Marc’s implant surgeon told him that his healing would be monitored over the ensuing months to make sure the implants integrated with his jawbone correctly. A big advantage of TeethXpress is that the implants are designed to maximize attachment of bone cells and gum cells. This creates superb stability and is the reason why the lifelike dental crowns attached to the implants can function just like real teeth as quickly as possible. The healing period needed for this attachment to take place varies from person to person, but usually ranges from two to three months. At that point, the implants are ready to bear the force of normal biting and chewing, and the permanent teeth can be attached.

Marc will always remember the day he got his new teeth. “It was wonderful looking in the mirror,” he said. “When I had no teeth at all, I looked very old. After they put the teeth in, it knocked 20 years off as far as the way I looked, it really did.”

“I couldn’t be more gratified to have gotten these teeth. Implants to me are the ultimate!”

Marc’s son had a special surprise lined up for this momentous occasion. “The day I had the finals put in, my son took me out to a steak dinner,” Marc recalled. “It was wonderful! It felt so good to chew something of some consistency like that and find that I had no problem. It had been years since I had been able to chew foods like that. I really enjoyed it!”

Back home, the change in Marc’s appearance drew compliments from friends and family. “Everyone noticed the difference for sure — how nice my smile looked,” Marc said. Marc no longer needs to avoid corn, nuts or any other food he likes. “I eat them now with no problem,” he declared. “I don’t feel any kind of pressure when I’m chewing on things; in other words, my teeth are well-supported. When I chew, they feel like my own teeth.”

“I smile more often now because it feels natural. Being treated with implants is probably as close to natural teeth as I can get.”

Marc said a more varied diet and easier chewing — made possible by dental implants — add up to a healthier lifestyle. “My nutrition is definitely better,” he said, “and I’m not gulping down large chunks of food. That helps the digestive tract work much better — when the food’s chewed down.” Marc knows that his implant-supported teeth are just like natural teeth in one other important way: They need daily brushing and flossing. Marc keeps up an effective oral hygiene routine at home to make sure bacterial plaque does not build up around his implants, which could lead to more gum disease and cause his implants to fail. He brushes daily and uses a water-flosser to clean between his teeth. He is determined to take good care of his dental implants — something he admits he probably didn’t do so well for his natural teeth. “I don’t want to lose these because they’re precious to me — not only for appearance but for health purposes,” he said.

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