Full mouth dental implants

Full-mouth dental implants: Is it worth the investment?

TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedures continue to grow in popularity. This strong interest has led to many people wanting to know if the cost of this dental implant procedure is worth the required investment. In this article, we answer a few commonly asked questions about full-mouth dental implant procedures. We aim to help you feel…
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4 things you should know about the TeethXpress dental implant procedure

Perhaps what patients love most about the TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure is that it offers an immediate result. The ability to walk into a dental office and leave three or four hours later with a new, million-dollar smile can be priceless! But when considering the TeethXpress implant procedure, you may find yourself with several…
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People of all ages are choosing TeethXpress over dentures and bridgework

Does the thought of placing dentures in a cup of water each night before going to bed seems unthinkable? Consider choosing TeethXpress dental implants over denture or bridgework. Your age may not be the barrier you think it is. Let’s first consider a few great benefits of the TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure: Offers a…
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What are full mouth dental implants and what do they cost?

You’ve probably witnessed several television commercials promoting full mouth dental implants. These are the ads where you’ll see a man or woman sharing their past experiences suffering with bad teeth. And then they make a obvious choice to receive dental implants and have the most gorgeous smiles. The featured individual’s confidence is suddenly renewed, and…
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