5 questions to ask when considering dental implants

Dental implant questions

Implant dentistry has become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. For many patients who are deciding to replace missing teeth with dental implants, for the first time, navigating through this process can generate several questions. And for many individuals, the present novel coronavirus pandemic has only made it more difficult to have questions answered. We’ll answer five of the more common related questions, including how long it takes to complete a dental implant procedure, how to manage the cost of dental implants, and why dental implant surgery is not a painful procedure.

1. How long will it take to complete my dental implant procedure?

Understanding how long it will take to complete your dental implant procedure is well worth knowing before you begin treatment. The more you understand the answer to this question, the less likely you will be anxious about completing the process.

With this in mind, the time required to complete your implant treatment will largely depend on your individual needs. If only one implant is needed to replace a single missing tooth like Marcia – whose tooth was accidentally

Marcia's dental implant tooth
Marcia, dental implant patient

knocked out while playing sports – your procedure may take anywhere from three to six months. If your condition requires replacing several missing teeth like Millie – who made the clear choice of replacing her upper teeth with dental implants instead of a denture – three to six months is all that is required for this type of implant procedure as well.

But don’t fear. A temporary implant crown or a complete set of temporary teeth can usually be attached to the dental implant(s), on day one. This allows you to maintain confidence in your smile during your healing process. Once your dentist considers your dental implants completely healed, a final implant crown or bridgework can be attached to your implant(s) and replace your temporary.

2. How should I determine the total cost of my dental implant procedure, from beginning to end?

Each dental implant procedure includes two phases. The first phase is the placement of the dental implant(s). The second phase involves attaching a crown or bridge to the dental implant(s). Since it is highly likely that your implant procedure will be performed in a specialist’s (oral surgeon or periodontist) office, and your implant crown or bridge procedure will be performed in a general dentist’s or prosthodontist’s office, phase one and two treatment fees are usually paid separately to their respective offices.

Therefore, your implant specialist will often quote their “implant fees” only, excluding the general dentist’s fees. And the general dentist will frequently quote their “restorative fees” only as well, excluding the specialist’s fees. These two separate fees will add up to the total cost of the procedure. Knowing all fees up front will obviously help you avoid any confusion on your total costs, but equally important, this approach will allow for proper budgeting to cover the cost of your dental implant procedure.

3. Are there payment plans available to make my dental implant procedure more affordable?

Of these five common dental implant questions, this one may be the most common. But the answer to this questions should comfort you since it offers a very reasonable solution for making dental procedures affordable.

Paying for the cost of dental implants over an extended period of time is quite popular. And it doesn’t matter if your treatment needs are large or small. There are several common methods used to achieve a payment plan to make the process of implant dentistry affordable. Sadly, dental insurance will usually cover only a small portion of your dental implant procedure. For this reason, limited dental insurance benefits or the lack thereof, should not be a major reason for refusing your dentist’s dental implant recommendations.

Proceed Finance low interest rate loansThe key is to establish a payment plan that makes dental implant treatment affordable. A Healthcare Installment Plan is one of the best and most effective ways to make your dental treatment needs affordable. When we compare the attributes of multiple Healthcare Installment Plans, we believe Proceed Finance offers implant patients the greatest advantages. Some of these advantages include above average credit approval for credit scores as low as “600,” low interest rates for high credit scores, and very high maximum credit limits; as high as $60,000. With respect to other available resources, many dental implant patients prefer this option for its ability to compartmentalize dental expenses.

4. Is the dental implant procedure a painful process?

The short answer is, no! As a rule, the dental implant procedure is not a painful process. In fact, most patients find themselves realizing that the implant surgery was finished much faster and smoother than anticipated. When only one or two dental implants are needed, the procedure can usually be completed inside of an hour. Typically, the dentist will apply local anesthesia to the specific area where the implant(s) will be placed. Most people find that numbing the specific area where the implant will be placed is all that is necessary to avoid any pain.

If an implant procedure requires four or more dental implants to replace a complete upper or low set of teeth, it’s common to request either I.V. sedation or general anesthesia. Both of these options will generally enable you to sleep throughout the entire procedure. The end result is – no pain! You should never hesitate to ask your dentist what methods of anesthesia they offer. Everyone deserves to be at total ease during this clinical process.

5. How do I find a skilled local implant dentist who makes me feel comfortable?

Having confidence in a dentist’s ability to perform dental implant procedures well is an important part of this process. Understanding a dental practice’s philosophy will help you appreciate if an office is a good fit for you or Certified TeethXpress Providernot. TeethXpress.com is a great place to start.

We’ve made it convenient for you to review multiple dental practice philosophies within your local market. Simply visit the Find a Doctor page here on the TeethXpress website. Any dentist listed has received advanced dental implant training and has earned the privilege of being a Certified TeethXpress Provider. The Find a Doctor section will also let you know how close the practices are to your home or place of business. With a simple mouse-click, you can locate multiple dental offices, review their credentials and contact a qualified office to schedule an appointment.

These 5 common implant questions are wide-ranging in an attempt to satisfy common questions for as many people as possible. However, if your questions are closely related to the TeethXpress procedure, click here for “4 things you should know about the TeethXpress dental implant procedure.”

Immediately after the surgery, I was smiling and laughing. It was a huge weight lifted off not just my chest, but my life!

- Cara, a TeethXpress patient

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