Making the TeethXpress dental implant procedure affordable

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The TeethXpress dental implant procedure is today’s best option for replacing several lost or failing teeth. The key is in making the TeethXpress procedure affordable.

Ask anyone who has had the TeethXpress procedure to share their experience and if they believe it is affordable. In one way or another, the likely response will be that they simply can’t imagine a better solution for replacing several missing teeth. In the same breath, they are also likely to share with you that it is worth every penny.

Picture of Marc showing before and after TeethXpress procedure, dental implants
Marc, TeethXpress patient

Marc chose to have the TeethXpress procedure. When we asked Marc to share his experience with others who may be considering dental implants, he was all too eager. Marc says, “After they put the teeth in, it knocked 20 years off as far as the way I looked.” Marc added, “I would say that it’s well worth spending the money to have it done.”

Making the TeethXpress procedure affordable is easier now than ever

If you are like most people, it’s safe to assume you don’t have a huge bag of cash lying around the house. To the contrary, it’s more likely that you follow a structured monthly budget. And in that monthly budget is probably your rent/mortgage, utilities, food and maybe a car note, among other cost-of-living expenses. Yes?

So, if most people who have benefited from the TeethXpress procedure are just like you — meaning they follow a monthly budget — how can they afford to pay for dental implants? There is a very simple answer to this reasonable question.

Most people who have wisely chosen the TeethXpress procedure will opt to spread out the costs over a period of time. For a patient like Marc and others, it’s hard to beat the value of a beautiful new smile, restored confidence and the ability to enjoy corn on the cob, in as little as one day. For many TeethXpress patients, managing a $300 or $500 monthly payment is reasonable.

Quite frankly, dental implant procedures like TeethXpress can be financed with several common options. Some patients choose to use home equity lines of credit or borrowing from a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement account, among several other financing options.

Using a Healthcare Installment Plan to budget for the TeethXpress procedure

financing, dental implants affordable, loan, budgeting
One common method used to finance the TeethXpress procedure is with a Healthcare Installment Plan.

One common method used to finance the TeethXpress procedure is with a Healthcare Installment Plan (HIP). Using a good HIP to instantly reap the benefits of a new set of teeth, can be priceless. Proceed Finance®, Lending Club® and GreenSky® are three of the most commonly used HIP options for dental implants. Like anything else, some HIP companies are better than others.

The TeethXpress management team has worked extensively with each of these respected HIP companies. Of the three, Proceed Finance seems to go the furthest to satisfy the needs of TeethXpress dental implant patients, in our experience.

As of April 2020, Proceed Finance will lend patients up to $60,000 to finance a dental implant procedure. Perhaps the best news has to do with the fact that “perfect credit” is not required to be approved! In fact, many patients with credit scores in the sub 600s are frequently approved.

Fortunately, the cost of most TeethXpress procedures don’t come close to the maximum limit. But it is good to know that this HIP option will provide you with more than enough to cover the cost of your procedure.

Two major features to look for in an exceptional HIP payment plan option

Two major features that make us partial to Proceed Finance include:

  1. It is not necessary to have an exceptionally high credit rating to be approved for a loan.
  2. You can choose to repay your loan over an extended 96-month (8-year) period, if necessary.

Most people consider these features to be major benefits. These features can give you the priceless experience of immediately achieving a new smile. And for many, working a $300 to $500 monthly payment into a budget can make exploring this option worthwhile. Visit the Proceed Finance website for more details. Your dental implant procedure may be much closer to reality than you think!

Locate a Certified TeethXpress Provider near you and schedule your dental implant consultation today.

The treatment has given me a quality of life that at my age I thought I could no longer have.

- Antonio, a TeethXpress patient

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