4 reasons to give your dad the gift of dental implants this Father’s Day

What’s the best Father’s Day gift you’ve given your dad? A pair of tennis shoes, a set of golf clubs, or was it a brand-new car? Maybe it was that lawnmower you just knew he’d love more than the barbecue utensils you gave him the year before.

Have you considered giving your dad the gift of health? Offering your dad dental implants this Father’s Day may be the best gift you’ll ever give him for at least four reasons.

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  1. If your dad wears a removable denture, he probably hates it
  2. Your father will thank you for giving him the gift of stable teeth
  3. Dental implants will help jawbone and facial form
  4. Dental implants are resilient and a great investment in health
  5. Making dental implants affordable

1. If your dad wears a removable denture, he probably hates it

Ask any dentist who has embraced modern advancements in dentistry, “Which tooth replacement method do you believe is the least effective for patients?” Without hesitation, the dentist will reply, “a removable denture!”

Image of TeethXpress, sometimes call full-mouth dental implants
Upper-jaw TeethXpress, also known as full-mouth dental implants

How so? It is difficult to please a patient long-term with a denture. Frankly put, patients don’t like dentures. Different from all other tooth replacement methods, a traditional removable denture is not anchored down in the mouth.

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Visit Truth About Dentures to learn more about the challenges of wearing a denture.

Since traditional removable dentures have no anchorage, the denture becomes problematic when an individual tries to chew with it. Imagine your teeth shifting every time you attempt to bite into an apple, eat a raw salad or chew on a steak. This is what your dad faces each meal.

If a denture moves, shifts and becomes loose while chewing, it can have a negative effect on your dad’s diet. Dental implants allow your dad to properly chew and enjoy healthy foods again.

A 2011 Leisure World study of more than 5,600 elderly adults demonstrated that “tooth loss reduces [chewing] capacity, which can influence food selection, nutritional status and general health.”

Essentially, this means when adults lose their teeth, it becomes difficult to chew healthy foods effectively. So, they don’t. Denture wearers routinely avoid healthy foods such as salads, raw fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, grains and the like.

If your father is a denture wearer, nutrient-rich foods like celery, carrots, apples, pineapple, almonds and other good food options are likely missing from his diet by no choice of his own. When your father can enjoy a healthy diet, aided by dental implants, a much healthier diet and improved overall health can follow.

2. Your father will thank you for giving him the gift of stable teeth

Marc showing before and after TeethXpress procedure
Marc, TeethXpress dental implant patient

Through a full mouth dental implant procedure called TeethXpress, it only requires a few short hours to anchor down a full set of teeth. A Certified TeethXpress Provider can perform this procedure with a highly predictable result.

Imagine how grateful your father would be if you were to give him the gift of restoring his ability to properly chew and enjoy healthy foods again with stable teeth.

A great example of this is Marc C., a 71-year-old TeethXpress procedure recipient. Marc had this to say about his implant procedure: “The day I had the final teeth put in, my son took me out to a steak dinner. It felt so good to chew something of some consistency like that and find that I had no problem! It had been years since I had been able to chew foods like that. I really enjoyed it!”

The gift of stable teeth is likely to be the best Father’s Day gift that you’ll ever give him! Almost immediately, limits on what he can eat will be lifted. Suddenly, your dad will be happy to eat in public once again and to join in social gatherings. Your dad can smile and laugh again without hesitation.

3. Dental implants will help jawbone and facial form

Now that we’ve established the fact that your dad is likely to hate his dentures, and he will absolutely adore you for making dental implants possible, let’s consider a third benefit — jawbone preservation.

When your dad still had his natural teeth, there was a hidden benefit each time he chewed his food. His tooth roots (below the gums) were stimulating his jawbone. It was this stimulation that helped preserve his jawbone and facial form.

Jawbone loss after tooth loss
Long-term use of denture can contribute to jawbone loss

Once several or all of his remaining teeth were removed and replaced with a denture, he not only lost his teeth, he also lost his ability to stimulate the jawbone. Since the jawbone requires stimulation to maintain its form and proper function, the boney structure that supports his face began to shrink.

Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth root replacements. Once an individual’s natural teeth are removed, only dental implants can provide adequate stimulation to the jawbone. It’s this preservation of the jawbone that helps prevent premature aging of your dad’s facial appearance as he gets older. This is not achievable with a removable denture.

4. Dental implants are resilient and a great investment in health

Most dental implants are made from a titanium material. Titanium is biocompatible, meaning the body doesn’t reject it as a foreign object. In fact, medical procedures like hip and knee replacements often use titanium components because of

dental implant compared to a natural tooth
Dental implant compared to a natural tooth

their strength and resilience.

Every dental implant patient’s circumstance is different and therefore, no dentist can guarantee that your dad’s dental implant procedure will last him forever. But because most dental implants are created from titanium materials, as long as the patient exercises proper homecare maintenance and routine professional dental maintenance, the dental implants are likely to last an individual for the rest of their life.

Your dad may have worked for much of his life and — in his own way — he has made contributions to society in ways that have benefited many. If his natural teeth are now failing him, he deserves to know that a viable solution to his healthcare problem is available.

If your dad’s teeth are failing him, few investments in his health will make an immediate and noticeable improvement to his quality of life like dental implants. Dental implants will better position him to lead a healthier diet as well.

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Making dental implants affordable

There are several ways to make your father’s dental implant procedure more affordable. Please visit our Cost of Dental Implant page to discover the most common payment methods individuals choose to manage their implant treatment costs.

A healthcare installment load is frequently chosen to establish an affordable payment plan. Proceed Finance is among the most commonly chosen healthcare installment loan options.

Father’s Day comes once a year. Why not make this year’s Father’s Day gift one that your dad will appreciate more than any other that you have given him? Contact a Certified TeethXpress Provider in your area. Schedule a consultation and find out if implant dentistry is the best option for your father.

Immediately after the surgery, I was smiling and laughing. It was a huge weight lifted off not just my chest, but my life!

- Cara, a TeethXpress patient

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