Dental Implants – standard of care for missing teeth

Dental implants are the standard of care in modern dentistry for replacing missing teeth – whether you need one tooth, several teeth or a full set of new teeth. Why is this option preferred above all others?

Dental implants have a superior long-term success track record


Dental implants were first commercially available in the mid-1960s. Since then, millions of people have benefited from this modern dental advancement. Over the course of several decades, dental implants are proven to be the longest-lasting, most natural-looking and best-functioning substitute for natural teeth.Picture of dental implant next to teeth

This form of tooth replacement has a long-term success rate that is above 95% – the highest of any tooth replacement option. By contrast, dental bridgework – including removable partial-dentures, complete dentures or fixed-bridges – usually requires being replaced every 5 years or so.

Removable dentures accelerate bone loss


Wearing removable dentures can actually accelerate bone loss.

Many practicing dentists will only recommend a denture as a short-term solution for several missing teeth. This is largely due to the ill-effects of wearing a denture long-term.

By today’s standards, dental implant procedures like TeethXpress are encouraged for long-term replacement of several missing teeth.

Dental implants can also help you maintain the health, as well as natural form and function of your jawbone. Studies have shown they do this by preventing the bone loss that normally occurs when even one tooth is lost.

The TeethXpress procedure is designed to preserve jawbone


Many benefits of dental implants stem from the fact that they function similarly to the root of a natural tooth. Beneath your gums, bone cells in the jaw securely attach to dental implants. Once a crown is attached to the implant, your jawbone receives vital stimulation each time you chew. This helps to maintain your bone, in ways that a denture is incapable of doing.

Also, say goodbye to that awful denture glue! When comparing TeethXpress with removable dentures, there is no slippage or movement of your teeth. This allows you to eat the foods you really like such as apples, corn on the Picture of dental implants replacing several teethcob or a nice juicy porterhouse steak.

Covering the cost of dental implants


Today, several dental insurance plans will cover a portion of your dental implant procedure. If you have dental insurance, consider it a bonus, but do your best not to allow this barrier to come between you and your desire to live your best life.

Receiving dental implants may require you to consider multiple resources beyond your dental insurance plan. This will depend on how many dental implants your condition requires. When there are several missing teeth to be replaced, most patients choose some form of financing to cover the cost of their implant procedure.

Hopefully you too will have an opportunity to experience why dental implants are now considered the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. Like so many others, you too, may consider it to be the best decision you have made for yourself!

That’s the smile that everybody loves,” she said. “Thank God for TeethXpress!

- Millie, a TeethXpress patient

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