Brandon has a new smile after cancer


Thirty-year-old Brandon has a lot to smile about after being cancer-free, but when he was just 19, he received a devastating diagnosis. Doctors informed Brandon that his body was suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of blood cancer.

Picture of Brandon's decayed teeth before dental implants
Chemotherapy left Brandon’s teeth decayed

Chemotherapy caused Brandon’s teeth to decay

As a consequence, Brandon’s illness would need to be treated with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be harsh on a patient’s teeth. It is increasingly important to maintain regular dental visits during this form of cancer treatment. Exercising superior daily oral hygiene between dental visits also becomes progressively important under these circumstances.

The subsequent chemotherapy treatment caused his natural teeth to decay rapidly until they were no longer functional. Brandon put off his failing oral care as long as he could. The excruciating pain finally forced him to see a dentist. His dentist offered a permanent solution for years of worsening decay, abscesses and difficulty eating.

Brandon chose dental implants to repair oral problems caused by chemotherapy

Picture of Brandon smiling cancer-free
Brandon, TeethXpress patient

An entire new set of teeth supported by dental implants would be the best long-term option for Brandon. “I was incredibly happy,” Brandon said of the moment he first saw his new TeethXpress smile. “I’d been living with rotten teeth for so long, I was in shock.”

Now, besides being pain-free, Brandon can once again eat anything, and is especially relieved that his three young sons won’t grow up seeing their father anxious about interacting with others.

“I can smile now. I literally never ever opened my mouth to smile. And when I talked, I would try to drag my lips over my teeth. I’m still getting used to not having to hide my teeth. In a way, I really had to learn how to smile again.”

In even better news, Brandon is cancer-free. Now nearly seven years in remission, he is thankful for his good health and is overjoyed to show the world his new cancer-free smile.

Visit a TeethXpress provider for a consultation

If your oral health has suffered in part due to chemotherapy, like Brandon, dental implants may be a viable option for relieving your oral pain and restoring your ability to smile and eat from a wide variety of food choices. Click here to locate a TeethXpress provider in your area and schedule a no-obligation consultation today!

I was starting to get really insecure,” Carly said. “This caused me to stop smiling. I was really not feeling very good about myself.

- Carly, a TeethXpress patient

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