How long will my dental implants last? – Part 2

In Part 1 of this discussion on “How long will my dental implants last?” we attempted to place the longevity of dental implants in perspective, which requires good daily homecare regimens. This is the simplest, most cost-effective thing you can do to keep your dental implants healthy. Here, we’ll expound on the very important need […]

The dangers of removable dentures

Who could argue with so many denture wearers when they complain that dentures just don’t feel right? Removable dentures are a tooth-replacement system that has certainly been around for a long time. Your great-grandparents may well have worn removable dentures. The image of false teeth in a glass, on the bedside table, is a common […]

Dental Implants – standard of care for missing teeth

Dental implants are the standard of care in modern dentistry for replacing missing teeth – whether you need one tooth, several teeth or a full set of new teeth. Why is this option preferred above all others? Dental implants have a superior long-term success track record Dental implants were first commercially available in the mid-1960s. […]

Tooth loss leads to bone loss

Tooth loss equals bone loss. There may be no easier way to state this fact. To help you understand why and how this happens will require a brief explanation. If you have suffered tooth loss, you will be glad you came across this helpful information. How bone maintains form, strength and volume Outside of osteoporosis […]