State: Oklahoma

TeethXpress Dental Implants Tulsa, OK

Welcome to Route 66 Dental Implants & Periodontics, the home of Dr. David Wong. We discovered long ago that patients with missing teeth feel best when they have treatment options that will improve their level of confidence through a new smile and a restored ability to eat their favorite foods. With the TeethXpress dental implant…
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TeethXpress Dental Implants Shawnee, OK

Hopkins Dental Clinic is where quality blends with compassion, the young join the young at heart, function melds with esthetics, exciting possibilities occur in a tranquil environment and cutting-edge technology meets family values. They offer big city broad spectrum dental treatment options of pediatric, periodontal, endodontic, restorative, cosmetic and oral surgery dentistry with small town…
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TeethXpress Dental Implants Kingfisher, OK

Missing teeth can cause serious health concerns, rob you of confidence and interrupt normal activity due to pain and discomfort. While modern replacement teeth can supply the needed support to return to normal, dentures and crowns are often uncomfortable and hard to work with. Dental implants provide a permanently anchored, nearly undetectable replacement that can…
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