Hopkins Dental Clinic

18 E Dunloup
Shawnee, OK 74804

Hopkins Dental Clinic is where quality blends with compassion, the young join the young at heart, function melds with esthetics, exciting possibilities occur in a tranquil environment and cutting-edge technology meets family values. They offer big city broad spectrum dental treatment options of pediatric, periodontal, endodontic, restorative, cosmetic and oral surgery dentistry with small town Shawnee, Oklahoma, hospitality.

Dr. Eric Hopkins does not know a single dentist who is completely satisfied with even the highest quality traditional denture or partial. He remembers back to dental school and being discouraged with the prospect of limited prosthetic options for his patients.  Compromised bite strength, inadequate chewing quality, mediocre and/or fluctuating fit, speaking challenges, not to mention goopy adhesives and reduced confidence issues have never been considered completely satisfactory. TeethXpress utilizes dental implants to achieve the stabilization factors that take prosthetics to the next level, eliminating these issues.

A bridge has been the gold standard for single and double tooth replacement for decades, but it compromises the adjacent viable teeth. Single or multiple implant placement offers tooth replacement without sacrificing healthy teeth while providing greater restoration longevity and improved esthetics.

Dr. Hopkins has been placing dental implants since 1999. Be it one tooth or all, Dr. Hopkins offers implant solutions that will replace a self-conscious reluctance to show your teeth with a beautiful confident smile.

Dr. Eric Hopkins

Dr. Eric Hopkins

I was born and raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and left long enough to attain my degrees and returned to serve the community that nurtured me. I am a second-generation dentist, and my wife, Loree, is a second-generation dental office manager. I am very proud to offer my patients the services of a highly trained dental team that shares my philosophy of treating patients the way they would like to see a health professional treat a member of their own family.

I truly enjoy the science and application of skills that either remove discomfort or improve a patient’s self-confidence. I love the friendships with my patients that are unique to dentistry. My staff and I are continually monitoring the advancements in the field and maintain effective application through ongoing education as individuals and as a team. We love the challenge of accomplishing big things in a field often measured in fractions of millimeters.

Outside of the dental practice, I am a PADI Course Director level scuba instructor. My wife and I enjoy our children and grandchildren, travel, outdoor activities, photography, singing, participating in theatre productions and, of course, scuba diving.