The disadvantages of wearing removable dentures

removable denture

For many people, full and partial dentures have traditionally been the solutions offered for replacing decayed and missing teeth. While removable dentures can provide a temporary fix for missing teeth, be aware of the disadvantages and side effects of wearing dentures before you choose this option.

Modern dentistry, such as dental implants, can be an excellent alternative to dentures and is a great option for most patients.

How long have removable dentures been around?

Removable dentures are a tooth-replacement option that has been around for a long time, even dating back to the 18th century. Did you know that George Washington wore a very early form of dentures to replace his missing teeth?

George Washington removable denture
Figure 1: Image of George Washington’s removable denture teeth from the 18th century.

Your parents, grandparents and/or great-grandparents may well have worn removable dentures.

While the more advanced, modern removable denture designs have evolved over time, inherent disadvantages remain. Given the nature of the oral prosthesis, these disadvantages cannot be fully eliminated.

For instance, traditional removable dentures have always required being removed from the mouth and soaked in a solution for proper cleansing. The image of artificial teeth in a glass on the nightstand is a common experience for denture wearers, dating as far back as the 18th century up until present times.

Another ill effect of wearing a denture, be it from the past or present, is the fact that a removable denture can never offer adequate stimulation to your jawbone.

Why removable dentures may not be the right choice for you

If you are looking for options to replace several of your missing teeth, dentures may not be the best choice. As previously mentioned, a denture cannot stimulate your jawbone as your natural teeth once did. As a consequence, this lack of jawbone stimulation is what will lead to bone loss and ultimately cause your denture to become loose.

Removable denture soaking cleansing solution.
Figure 2: A removable denture soaking in a cleansing solution.

Having to settle for a loose denture is no fun. Many people find this type of prosthesis very difficult to function with, especially when talking, smiling and chewing your favorite nutrient-rich foods. Even popular denture adhesives may not be enough to stabilize a loose denture. For a comprehensive list of food types that are difficult to chew with a denture, visit The Truth about Dentures page.

You may find that wearing dentures can also have a poor psychological effect on you over time. It is no fun when you are concerned about smiling in public and knowing there is potential for your denture to come loose.

This is a confidence barrier that many denture patients find difficult to overcome, if not impossible. Even attempting to enjoy a hearty meal with family and friends in public can break your confidence.

While it is possible to find removable dentures that provide some level of comfort and satisfaction initially, dentures will routinely require being adjusted or replaced every four or five years.

Consider dental implants instead of dentures

The TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure, done by a Certified TeethXpress Provider, offers a far better solution to replace several missing teeth. Unlike dentures, full-mouth dental implant teeth are secured directly to your jawbone. This procedure can be performed in a few short hours.

TeethXpress full-mouth dental implants
Figure 3: TeethXpress full-mouth dental implants.

Different from dentures, the stable foundation of dental implants is what will prevent your new teeth from becoming loose over time. Furthermore, dental implant supported teeth will provide your jawbone the stimulation that it requires to maintain great function.

Wouldn’t it be great to regain proper chewing function? Imagine being able to chew your favorite foods with ease, smile in public with confidence and avoid the need to soak removable denture teeth in a cup each night. The TeethXpress immediate-load procedure allows you to sleep with your teeth firmly bonded in your mouth where they belong, not on your nightstand.

Before you choose to replace your missing teeth with removable dentures, contact a local Certified TeethXpress Provider today! Schedule a dental implant consultation. You have everything to gain by doing so. You may find the process to be much simpler and affordable than you think.

I was starting to get really insecure,” Carly said. “This caused me to stop smiling. I was really not feeling very good about myself.

- Carly, a TeethXpress patient

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