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Get a great smile without the worry and hassle of traditional dentures. TeethXpress offers high-quality dental implants that feel and function like real teeth.

Stop Settling for Less Than the Best

If you’re missing teeth or you wear dentures, you’re probably already tired of the entire situation. From constantly analyzing the foods you can safely eat to worrying that something will shift out of place, dentures aren’t the most effective dental solution — to put it lightly. But aside from the questionable esthetics, dentures also don’t help prevent bone loss in your jaw. The good news? You can solve all of these problems by opting for dental implants over dentures. Take the first step today!

Eat and Smile with Confidence

Immediate Results

Most of the time, this simple procedure can be finished in as little as one day — meaning you can walk out the door with a new, beautiful smile.

Stay Local

With so many Certified TeethXpress Providers across the country, you can visit a dentist close to home and see the same team for your follow-up appointments.

Worry Free

Don’t worry about bone loss, messy adhesives or slipping dentures again. Just enjoy your beautiful, natural-feeling teeth that can last for the rest of your life!

A Better Experience

Many dental implant centers aren’t concerned about your experience as a patient; they’re just selling a product. But TeethXpress is different. You’ll get a comprehensive experience at a convenient local office, and you’ll work with the same dentist throughout the entire process. No getting shuffled from one office to another, and no multiday recovery period — in fact, most people can get their new smile in just one day, with very little discomfort. Find a doctor today and take the first step toward changing your dental experience forever.

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All you have to do to get a beautiful smile is call us! We’ll answer any and all questions you have about the process.


Find Your Local Provider

We’ll match you with all the TeethXpress providers in your local area — you get to choose who you see!

A Reason to Smile Again

You’ll get the smile you deserve without having to worry or feel self-conscious about your teeth.

Change Your Life with Dental Implants

It used to be that if you needed a dental solution, dentures were your best bet — but that is no longer the case. Now, instead of wrestling with messy denture paste and constantly worrying about what foods you can and can’t eat, or giving up and living with missing teeth, you have the option to get high-quality dental implants instead. All it takes is one day to go to a local TeethXpress dentist and revolutionize the way you smile and eat. What are you waiting for? Find out today if you’re a candidate for dental implants.

Find a Local Provider

With qualified teams all over the country, we can help you find a Certified TeethXpress Provider close to home.


Say Hello to a New Smile Today!

Your new teeth are just a phone call away. Find your local TeethXpress dentist, set up a consultation and get the smile you deserve!

The treatment has given me a quality of life that at my age I thought I could no longer have.

- Antonio, a TeethXpress patient

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Am I a Candidate for a Dental Implant?

Millions of people are missing one or several teeth. Other individuals feel handicapped by their failed bridgework or loose-fitting dentures. If this is you, you understand the embarrassment of eating and smiling in public. That's where TeethXpress can help. It relies on advanced technology only available through BioHorizons.

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