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When I saw my new teeth for the first time, I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy - I almost started crying.

- Kristie

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Kristie’s Dental Implant Story

Kristie knows more than most people about tooth-replacement options, and she’s not even a dentist. Rather, she’s a CPA whose great-looking smile was saved with dental implants. Before she got her two implants, however, she tried just about every other form of tooth replacement there is, from partial dentures to bridgework.

Only with dental implants does Kristie finally feel she has teeth she can count on. “I know I don’t have to worry about my situation anymore,” Kristie told TeethXpress magazine. “I really don’t expect to have to replace them.”

Kristie’s two missing teeth never grew in

Kristie’s dental implant story is very interesting. Her search for the perfect replacement teeth began in adolescence. She suffered from a genetic condition known as congenitally missing lateral [teeth] incisors. This occurs when the two teeth on either side of the two front teeth never grow in.

Dental implants were not a common method used to replace missing teeth in Kristie’s younger years. As such, her dentist fitted her with a “flipper” – a retainer-like appliance with two false teeth on it. “It moved and shifted quite easily, so food would get behind there and that just kind of grossed me out,” Kristie recalled. “I didn’t like that.”

“I’m very pleased. It was well worth it.
I would absolutely recommend it.”

She then received a metal-based bonded bridge, which lasted many years but never looked quite right. “I had darker teeth because the metal would show through… if you looked closely you could see those weren’t my real teeth,” she said. “When you’re a professional, that’s not something you want. I needed to look better than it did.”

Kristi then opted for a more realistic-looking, all-ceramic bonded bridge. But her dentist warned her it wouldn’t be the most durable option. “Sure enough, after about a year, I felt one [tooth] completely break,” Kristi said. It was just the first of several significant cracks in her bridge – which failed completely after seven years.

Dental implants were the most cost-effective option for Kristie

Kristie recalls asking herself at the time. “Why don’t I just do something that’s more permanent? That’s when I said, implants really are the only option if I don’t want to have to hassle with this again.”

She also realized that having to replace a bridge every five to seven years could be quite expensive. After all, Kristie is only in her forties. “When considering another bridge versus implants, I considered the financial cost of both,” she explained. “Implants are less expensive over the course of a lifetime.”

Maybe it’s Kristie’s accounting background which made it easy to determine that dental implants would save her money, long-term, compared with lower-priced bridgework that doesn’t last as long. But anyone can benefit from Kristie’s experience and save money by choosing dental implants. For you, this may require establishing a dental implant payment plan.

Contact a Certified TeethXpress Provider today and find out what resources are available to make your dental implants affordable! Now that Kristie has BioHorizons implants, she is fully confident that she made the right choice. “I’m very pleased. It was well worth it. I would absolutely recommend it.”

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