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If you are looking for a highly trained and experienced periodontist in Philadelphia, PA you have come to the right place. At our practice, you will receive the highest quality periodontal and dental implant care. Many patients seek our services for the replacement of a single tooth. Others are missing several teeth and would prefer dental implants instead of a loose denture. The TeethXpress full mouth dental implant procedure allows patients to receive a new set of beautiful teeth, all on four, five or six dental implants. This procedure can be completed in a matter of a few short hours. Our office uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, and our team upholds the strictest sterilization techniques. We know that many people may feel anxious about coming to the periodontist, so it is our goal to make your visit with us as pain free and anxiety free as possible. It is our mission to educate each patient on their oral health care options and to help guide them to an affordable dental implant treatment plan that is suitable and appropriate for their needs. Contact our office today. Schedule a consultation and find out if dental implants is the best solution for you.

Dr. Ali Arastu

Dr. Ali Arastu

Dr. Ali Arastu is passionate about providing quality dentistry. He has attained extensive training in the dental field and specializes in periodontics. He values the importance of maintaining his patients’ teeth for a lifetime and understands the relationship of healthy dentition to overall systemic health. His personal practice philosophy is to provide minimally invasive and conservative treatment methods to achieve optimal dental health and a beautiful smile.

Dr. Arastu completed his undergraduate studies and received a Bachelor of Arts in classics and religion from Boston University. He then earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. As a dental student, Dr. Arastu won a raffle to attend the American Academy of Periodontology annual meeting in 2009, and never looked back.

With his eyes opened to the field of surgery, Dr. Arastu decided to continue his education in the field of periodontology. He completed a 3-year residency in periodontology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Dentistry. During this residency, Dr. Arastu also earned a master’s degree in oral biology (M.S.), with his thesis focused on the use of various lasers in the treatment of periodontally compromised teeth.

Dr. Arastu strives to provide the highest standard of care and is meticulous in every detail. His primary concern is the comfort of his patients during all stages of care. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, disc golf, parkour, and he is trying to learn how to cook.