Kennestone Periodontics at Campbell Hill

611 Campbell Hill Street, Suite 102
Marietta, GA 30060

Kennestone Periodontics provides exceptional periodontal and dental implant therapy to patients in need of quality oral care. Kennestone Periodontics helps patients regain confidence in their smiles and the ability to eat a variety of their favorite foods. Utilizing the TeethXpress dental implant procedure, we enjoy providing our patients with a new set of teeth, in as little as one day!

Dr. Lee Silverstein

Dr. Lee Silverstein

Dr. Silverstein has been in private practice for over 30 years in addition to holding the position of Associate Clinical Professor of Periodontics at The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. Dr. Silverstein lectures both nationally and internationally on the topics of periodontal plastic surgery, dental implantology, hard and soft tissue regenerative surgical techniques and oral medicine.

Dr. Silverstein maintains his private practice, Kennestone Periodontics, in Marietta, Georgia. Most importantly, Dr. Silverstein is also known as Coach Lee and can be found on the Lacrosse field at Kennesaw State University coaching their Division II Men’s Lacrosse, nationally ranked, team, The KSU Owls. If you ask his family, he is known as Honey to his wife, Phyllis, and Dad to their seven children.