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TeethXpress Dental Implants Syracuse, NY

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Dr. Edward DeFuria

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Dr. Dena Khoury

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Dr. Navid Rashidi

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About TeethXpress Dental Implants Syracuse, NY

At CNY Periodontics and Implants, we are dedicated to facilitating top notch oral care for the Central New York area.  Your smile is our first priority. As Specialists in Periodontics, Drs. Edward DeFuria, Dena Khoury, Navid Rashidi and our entire experienced team have focused our practice on dental implants to aid in the restoration of complete oral function, aesthetics and a confident smile.

The TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure is changing lives for patients all over the world. This procedure makes dentures no longer an acceptable approach to addressing a lack of good dental function. With our combined 60+ years of practice, we are here to help answer any questions you may have and guide you through what may, at first, seem like a confusing and scary process. We offer IV sedation services to help our patients relax or sleep through their dental implant procedures.  It is our mission to help you walk away from your experience with complete confidence to accomplish your own goals.

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Dr. Edward DeFuria

Dr. Edward DeFuria has been offering implant solutions since 1995.  He has received extensive training and completed his dental training at Case Western University. Dr. DeFuria subsequently completed his periodontal training at Eastman Institute of Oral Health in Rochester, NY.   He has dedicated his practice to furthering his own comprehension of the most up to date methods in implant dentistry, and his dental colleagues in the Syracuse area by offering numerous workshops and evening lectures in order to elevate the dental community.

Dr. DeFuria has been a prominent member of the Syracuse dental community for over 35 years.  He prides himself on providing the most excellent care for each and every patient that he has the pleasure of treating.  Dr. DeFuria continually remains a leader in the community, heading a local Spear Study Club to stay current with advancements in a growing field and discuss complex treatment planning with referring dentists.  He is an active member in his local dental society. Dr. DeFuria is also a member of American Dental Academy and American Academy of Periodontology.

Dr. Dena Khoury

Dr. Dena Khoury attended Indiana University School of Dentistry where she earned both her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2008 and Masters in Periodontics in 2013.  In between her dental and periodontal training, Dr. Khoury spent two years practicing hospital-based dentistry in Hartford, CT at St. Frances Hospital.  It was there where she had extensive training in surgical extractions and IV sedation.  Dr. Khoury also completed courses by Dr. Peter Dawson in Functional Occlsuion: TMJ to Smile Design. This training has helped her to gain a better appreciation of the full mouth system and the vital role of her general dentist colleagues play in comprehensive treatment of our patients.

Implant dentistry has always been an integral part of practice for Dr. Khoury.  She regularly attends national and local state meetings as well as two local Spear Dental Study Clubs. Her extensive continuing education helps her stay up to date on the current advancements in treatment planning, bone regeneration and implant dental therapy.

Dr. Khoury is a Diplomate (board certified) of the American Academy of Periodontology and also maintains active membership in the American Dental Association as well as her local dental communities.

Dr. Navid Rashidi

Dr. Navid Rashidi obtained his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked at Boeing Aircraft Company for two years. Dr. Rashidi decided to transition into dentistry and completed his dental education at the University of Michigan in 2012.   He then completed his Masters in Periodontology at Indiana University in 2015. Dr. Rashidi enjoys all aspects of periodontal therapy and dental implant placement. Dr. Rashidi also enjoys being proficient in surgical extraction, ridge and bone augmentation and intravenous conscious sedation.

Dr. Rashidi is also involved in his local dental community and is a member of two Spear Dental Study clubs.

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When I saw my new smile for the first time, I was speechless, and it felt like the last four years without my tooth didn’t even happen.

- Marcia, a TeethXpress patient

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