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If you’re tired of worrying about denture paste, the food you eat, or your dentures moving and slipping, it’s time to consider dental implants.

You Don’t Have to Hide Your Smile

Dentures cause a lot of problems—why? Because they’re simply an old technology. You constantly have to think about the foods you eat, the way you chew, and keeping them in place. Denture adhesives are messy, and dentures themselves won’t help to prevent bone loss in your jaw. You might feel self-conscious about talking or laughing because you’re worried your dentures will slip or fall out. With state-of-the-art dental implants, you don’t have to worry about any of these things ever again.

Eat & Smile With

Immediate Results

Most of the time, this simple procedure can be finished in as little as one day — meaning you can walk out the door with a new, beautiful smile.

Stay Local

With so many certified TeethXpress providers across the country, you can visit a dentist close to home and see the same team for your follow-up appointments.

Worry Free

You won’t have to worry about bone loss, messy adhesives, or slipping dentures again. Just enjoy your beautiful, natural-feeling teeth that can last for the rest of your life!

We Do Things Differently

With many dental implant centers, they’re selling the product — not the service. That means you see a dentist once for your procedure, but not for routine maintenance and follow up. With TeethXpress, you get a local, comprehensive experience. You go through the entire process with the same local dentist. You’ll get the smile you’ve always dreamed of, typically in just one day. Most patients experience no pain. Any discomfort is usually minor and temporary. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t Wait for Your
New Teeth

Give Us a Call

All you have to do to get a beautiful smile is call us! We’ll answer any and all questions you have about the process.

Find Your Local Provider

We’ll match you with all the TeethXpress providers in your local area — you get to choose who you see!

Find Your Local Provider

We’ll match you with all the TeethXpress providers in your local area — you get to choose who you see!

Change Your Life with TeethXpress

Dentures are no longer the most popular solution to missing teeth because they come with a lot of problems and discomfort. With dental implants by TeethXpress, you can stop worrying about what you can eat, how you talk, that messy adhesive, and the plethora of other problems dentures cause. You can go to a local certified TeethXpress provider team and get a brand-new smile in as little as one day, and maintain a relationship with that dentist for your follow-up appointments. You can talk and laugh without being self-conscious — because you’ll have beautiful, natural-feeling teeth and only you will know the difference.

Find a Local Provider

With qualified teams all over the country, we can help you find a certified TeethXpress provider close to home.


Ditch Dentures
for Good

Your new teeth are just a phone call away. Find your local TeethXpress dentist, now set up a consultation, and get the smile you deserve.

Before, I used to never smile with my mouth open. Now I gleam nice and big.

- Leigh, a TeethXpress patient

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Am I a Candidate for a Dental Implant?

Millions of people are missing one or several teeth. Other individuals feel handicapped by their failed bridgework or loose-fitting dentures. If this is you, you understand the embarrassment of eating and smiling in public. That's where TeethXpress can help. It relies on advanced technology only available through BioHorizons.

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