Replacing missing teeth with dental implants may help improve your health

Cara smiling with dental implants, replace missing teeth

If your missing teeth, bridgework or dentures are failing you, it may be good for your health to consider the TeethXpress dental implants procedure.

Individuals who choose to replace their missing teeth using the TeethXpress dental implant procedure have virtually no limits on their food choices. In fact, it’s dental implants that make it possible for these individuals to have healthy and nutrient-rich diets.

Peggy now has great bloodwork with help from TeethXpress

Peggy's TeethXpress smile, replace missing teeth
Peggy, TeethXpress dental implant patient

In Peggy’s situation, at age 72, health problems and several medications had taken a toll on her dental health. Peggy had constant dental pain and couldn’t chew properly with her remaining teeth. Consequently, her food choices were very limited.

Peggy opted for TeethXpress. She received a full set of implant-supported replacement teeth on both her top and bottom jaw.  “I can eat everything I want. There are absolutely no limitations,” said Peggy. She now has secure teeth and the ability to have a much more nutritious diet. Her overall health has improved. “My bloodwork is the best I’ve ever had.”

Cara established a connection between dental health & whole-body health

Cara smiling with dental implants, replace missing teeth

At age 35, and very active as a pilates instructor, Cara chose to replace her failing teeth with the TeethXpress dental implant procedure, instead of dentures.

Like Peggy, her teeth weren’t healthy enough to chew solid food, so she was restricted to a soft diet that included mostly bananas, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes and over-steamed vegetables.

Being restricted to such a limited diet can be frustrating and unhealthy. Since Cara received dental implants her health has drastically improved.

“I have been eating everything in the world…,” said Cara. A connection between dental health and systemic (whole-body) health has long been recognized, and Cara is a living example. “I’m so happy and more healthy now that I can eat whatever I want.”

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Marc no longer gulps down large chunks of food with false teeth

In Marc’s case, at age 71 he had the uncomfortable experience of wearing a denture before receiving his implant-supported teeth. “With dentures, you have to use some kind of compound to keep the teeth in.”

It’s very common for dentures to come loose, even with denture adhesive. “[My denture] was coming loose all the time,” he said. “Food would get stuck under there and then you have to remove the false teeth.”

Marc smiling with dental implants, replace missing teeth
Marc, age 71, TeethXpress implant patient

Like Peggy and Cara, Marc’s dental implants have removed all limitations on what he can eat.

“The day I had the [final teeth] put in, my son took me out to a steak dinner. It felt so good to chew something like that and find that I had no problem… I really enjoyed it,” said Marc. “My nutrition is definitely better, and I’m not gulping down large chunks of food.”

Don’t allow bad teeth to have a lasting negative affect on your overall physical health. Contact a TeethXpress dentist today. Schedule an implant consultation to find out if dental implants are the best option for you.

I smile more often now because it feels natural. Being treated with dental implants is probably as close to natural teeth as I can get.

- Marc, a TeethXpress patient

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Millions of people are missing one or several teeth. Other individuals feel handicapped by their failed bridgework or loose-fitting dentures. If this is you, you understand the embarrassment of eating and smiling in public. That's where TeethXpress can help. It relies on advanced technology only available through BioHorizons.

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