How TeethXpress Changed My Life: Millie’s Story

As a veteran performer, Millie knows the value of a warm, welcoming smile. And that’s exactly what the 75-year-old Delta blues singer had before dental disease and time took their toll.

So, when Millie found out she could replace her failing teeth with a new smile that would look just like her own — right down to the gap between her two front teeth — she was delighted.

“That’s the smile that everybody loves,” she said. “Thank God for TeethXpress!”

Millie’s dentist removed her failing teeth and gave her a new set of upper teeth supported by six dental implants. When she saw her new smile, it was like turning back time. “I feel like I’m 20 years younger,” she said. “I was beginning to feel like, ‘Man, I’m getting old.’ Now I feel like, ‘Man, I’m young again!’

Millie said she even forgets she has dental implants. “They just feel like normal teeth, you know, my normal teeth. I like that.” Her friends and family like it, too. “They all said, ‘Oh, Millie’s got her smile back!’ I was hiding my mouth. Now, I smile and it lights up the room.”

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