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Tired of not smiling and not being able to eat with your friends and family? Need ANOTHER SECOND chance? Our team has heard many heartbreaking stories of those losing their teeth, then forced to suffer with dentures that slip, click and are painful to eat with. The softest of foods are a challenge…even eating birthday cake with friends and family is embarrassing and uncomfortable. It has become a desire for our team to find a better choice. Using advanced training and dental implant technology, everyone can have their cake and eat it too with teeth that stay in and look natural.
After beginning the TeethXpress process, this transformation will take place in just one day. We are so excited to offer this life changing experience to our guests. Call us and set up a time to chat about how our well-trained team and Dr. Imm can help you smile and eat with confidence again in just a day. We are saving you a seat at the table with your friends and family.

Dr. Gary Imm

Dr. Gary Imm

Dr. Gary Imm is a Certified TeethXpress® Provider who operates All Smiles Care in Westminster, Maryland, a private dental practice that is skilled in sedation, implants, short term orthodontics, headache resolution and biologic dentistry. His core values of continual learning and committing to the best allow him to offer his guests and his team the best choices available for them to enjoy a vibrant healthy lifestyle. All Smiles Care is repeatedly recognized in the top 3% of dental practices in North America while maintaining a 98.7% highly satisfied rating by its guests. Dr. Imm is a world recognized coach, influencer and key opinion leader. Dr. Imm and his team create an environment where guests feels safe, encouraged and supported as the team focuses on being the best part of their guests’ day. Thus, not only will guests experience an excellent implant outcome, they will feel as if they have new friends and family who are there when they need them.

Other experiences by Dr Gary:

Faculty: DOCS™, sedation training and certification for dentists

Faculty: University of Maryland Pain and Neuroscience Department

Faculty, Board Member: Straight Wire Orthodontic Studies, TMJ treatment

Faculty: OsteoReady Dental Implants

Presenter, Board Member: Solace Life Sciences Medical Advisory Board

Certified Customer Service Coach: DiJulius, Inc.

Creator, Coach, Presenter: GuestWise University, Guestopedia

TeethXpress: Enthusiastic provider and advocate