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Lexington, KY 40517
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Dr. William Cartee

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About TeethXpress Dental Implants Lexington, KY

Dr. William Cartee and our team at Dental Concepts & Implant Centers are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. As a dental implant provider in Lexington, Kentucky, our approach is to consider your complete oral function, aesthetics and smile. Many of our new patients arrive with a need to replace a single tooth, and leave pleased with their results. Other patients are missing multiple teeth or suffer with loose dentures. If you are missing several teeth, find it difficult to chew your food well, and lack confidence in your smile, you may benefit from the TeethXpress full-mouth dental implant procedure. With TeethXpress, a new beautiful smile can be completed, all in one day.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you with your questions. If seeking affordable implant dentistry is your main interest, we are happy to share multiple payment options that many of our patients find helpful. Dental insurance is not required to be treated at our office. If you have dental insurance, our experienced team is prepared to help you maximize your benefits. Contact Dental Concepts & Implant Centers today. Schedule a consultation and find out if implant dentistry is the best option for you.

Dr. William Cartee

Lexington dentist, Dr. William Cartee, was born and raised in Saint Louis, MO. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Dr. Cartee focuses on providing the best care for patients in Lexington, KY and the surrounding areas. He has trained at the Comprehensive Implant Residency Program in Alabama and provides implant and bone grafting treatment options to his patients. Dr. Cartee enjoys creating long-term relationships with his patients. Dr. Cartee gravitated to dentistry because of the profession’s ability to make a difference in patients’ lives by improving their oral health and their smiles.

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Immediately after the surgery, I was smiling and laughing. It was a huge weight lifted off not just my chest, but my life!

- Cara, a TeethXpress patient

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Millions of people are missing one or several teeth. Other individuals feel handicapped by their failed bridgework or loose-fitting dentures. If this is you, you understand the embarrassment of eating and smiling in public. That's where TeethXpress can help. It relies on advanced technology only available through BioHorizons.

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