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Dr. LaViola believes in the power of a smile and how it can influence your well-being, functionality, and quality of life. With that being said, Dr. LaViola prides himself on being a total solution provider. For our patients, this means that he is delivering the most conservative, long lasting and technologically advanced dentistry, and with TeethXpress it is easier and more affordable to deliver this. Dr. LaViola is able to use the newest technology and most advanced restorative dentistry to help patients throughout the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., area to restore and maintain their beautiful and healthy smiles.

In the past, the options to replace teeth were bridges and poorly fitting dentures, which did not provide the patient with a long lasting, predictable solution. Now with the advancement of technology, dental professionals can replace one or several teeth with the use of implants. TeethXpress, while utilizing the technology of dental implants, offers a solution to replace your full set of teeth while improving speech, chewing, and functionality of one’s teeth. This procedures will allow one to leave with a new smile the same day.

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Dr. Jamie LaViola

Dr. Jamie LaViola

I love being a student and teacher forever; as dentistry and science are forever changing and I believe in providing the most technologically advanced dentistry. In addition, I am a mentor at the prestigious Kois center in Seattle. I have dedicated over 1,000 hours in the last seven years to learning every skill and proven method available to help me successfully plan any implant dentistry case, using the most advanced technology in the industry.

Tissue engineering and bone grafting methods made available, by advancing fields of science, have captured my heart because of what they mean to patients who haven’t been able to smile confidently for years. Thanks to these techniques, we can regenerate damaged or lost gum tissue surrounding teeth and even stimulate regrowth of jaw bone structure to create a beautiful natural looking smile that will maximize your health and function at the same time.

When not attending continuing education I enjoy spending time with my son, Caden, playing basketball, running, hiking, cycling and mountain climbing.