How long will my dental implants last? – Part 3

A reputable dental implant design will increase its chances of lasting a lifetime. In Part 2 on this topic of How long will my dental implants last? we addressed the importance of receiving professional oral care and maintenance.

In this part, we focus on answering three important questions that anyone considering dental implants should understand about what goes into the manufacturing of a premium dental implant. Our intent is to help you become a more informed dental implant consumer.

1. What materials are used to create a dental implant that’s made to last?

The most common material used to manufacture dental implants is titanium. Implantable devices such as knee and hip replacements and dental implants are created with titanium metal because of its exceptional Laser-Lok, threadform, dental implants lastbiocompatibility, meaning the human body does not reject titanium as a foreign object.

Additionally, titanium is very light-weight so that it won't weigh, similar to a tooth. And titanium is strong enough to withstand the strong jaw pressure that is required to chew certain food like steak, nuts and fruit.

2. How does a dental implant’s thread design contribute to its longevity?

For starters, let’s simplify the basic elements of a dental implant design. Think of a dental implant as being designed similar to a metal screw that’s used to hang a framed picture, among countless other uses.

And similar to a basic screw with threads designed to achieve fixation and stability, threads on your dental implant are designed to achieve a similar result: fixation and stability. Some dental implant designs have more shallow threads. Shallow threads limit how fast a dentist can attach beautiful teeth to your implants for a great immediate and long-term result.

An implant with a more aggressive thread makes it possible for a complete set of teeth or a denture to be attached to your dental implants on the same day of your implant surgery. This type of procedure is very popular and is frequently referred to as TeethXpress® or All-on-4®. Your dentist will assess your mouth to determine exactly which kind of dental implants your new smile will need.

3. How does the surface treatment of a dental implant influence its long-term success?

If you are considering dental implants, you will benefit to know that these medical devices vary in their attributes. An implant’s ability to maintain the bone that supports it is paramount to its long-term success.

With this in mind, it is worth noting that not all dental implants are equally capable of preserving bone long-term. And when bone around your dental implant is not well-preserved, the dental implant can be compromised.

A dental implant that is designed with a superior surface treatment will have a positive effect on the bone that supports it. A superior surface treatment such as Laser-Lok® favors the long-term success of a dental implant.

Most thought leaders in dentistry attribute the preservation of healthy and abundant bone that successfully surrounds dental implants to a premium surface treatment, at least in part.

Dr. Tiziano Testori, a well-recognized dental implant surgeon says, “The Laser-Lok [surface treatment] creates a seal of connective tissue … that allows you to probe around an implant and have the same feeling you have when you probe around a natural tooth.”

In otherwords, when your dentist uses instruments around implants with a Laser-Lok surface treatment, it feels more like a regular tooth, not a titanium metal screw. This is a very good thing for the long-term success of your dental implants.

Because the Laser-Lok surface treatment is superior at keeping the bone healthy, crowns and bridges supported by these implants tend to remain stable and functioning well for a very long time.

The cost of implant dentistry makes it worth understanding

Regardless of a dental implant’s design, let’s face it, replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is an investment. Several payment options are available that can make implant dentistry affordable. Regardless, it is well worth understanding that not all dental implant designs are the same.

When it comes to your dentist offering you a successful and lasting result, the implant design is important. For this reason, take time to understand how your dentist’s choice of implant manufacturer may ultimately affect your outcome.

If you are in need of a reputable and experienced implant dentist who appreciates the attributes of a well-manufactured implant design, contact a Certified TeethXpress Provider. Schedule a consultation and find out if dental implants are the best option for you to replace your missing teeth.