How to find a good implant dentist near me

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Finding a local implant dentist that you can be confident in can be a challenge.

The most efficient way is to search a national directory for a skilled implant dentist near you. We’ll show you exactly how to access a list of skilled implant dentists in your area. We’ll also offer you additional things to consider when seeking a reputable implant dentist most people don’t think about.

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  1. National directory with local results
  2. Ask around for recommendations
  3. Understand the dentist’s treatment philosophy, implant training & biography
  4. Warning: Do not base your choice of an implant dentist solely on cheaper pricing

National directory with local results

Not all dentists are skilled in implant dentistry. This is what makes locating a national directory of implant dentists such a challenge.

dental implant near me

But a national directory — such as the TeethXpress Find a Doctor directory — can be invaluable. Whether you’re in sunny California, on the east coast or down south, simply scroll down and you’ll find several dentists near you. Review their profiles, send an email or give their office a call to inquire about their services. This resource will help you find an experienced implant dentist in your area without much effort.

There are more than 250 dentists listed on this site. Each dentist has been certified for the TeethXpress dental implant procedure. TeethXpress is a popular dental implant procedure that allows dental professionals to replace several missing teeth and offer a beautiful new smile in as little as one day.

A major benefit of this group is that they are passionate about helping patients. These providers understand how to guide patients through the process of replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Many of them offer sedation dentistry services so that you can relax or perhaps even sleep through your procedure, pain-free.

Ask around for recommendations

Using your circle of influence to locate credible healthcare providers will always be among the best available options. If you have a general dentist who you are pleased with, start there.

It may turn out that your general dentist has extensive training in implant dentistry and is fully capable of satisfying your implant treatment needs. If not, they can most certainly recommend a skilled implant dentist.

Try phrasing your question this way: “If you needed dental implants, who in this area would you choose for your treatment?” This will almost guarantee a great recommendation from your dentist.

If you don’t have a dentist you can request a recommendation from, try talking to your family, friends and associates. Dental implant treatment has become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. This means that there’s a good chance that you know someone who has received dental implants and were quite pleased with the services and end result. So, ask them for a recommendation.

Ask your colleagues at work, either in person or through a group email. Post a similar message on your social media page that goes something like this:

“Hi everybody! It’s been recommended that I consider dental implants to replace some teeth that needed to come out. I’m looking for a good implant dentist who won’t cause me pain and will do a good job. Please let me know if you can recommend someone in the [____] area based on your experience.”

More often you’ll find that your closest family and friends are happy to share their implant success stories with you.

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Understand the dentist’s treatment philosophy, implant training & biography

Whether you find an implant dentist on this site or through a family or friend recommendation, always attempt to learn more about their dental implant training and experience.

You can start by visiting the dentist’s website. Most dentists will include a professional biography on their office website. If the doctor has received extensive dental implant training, they will readily share these details.

When it comes to experienced implant clinicians, several well-qualified specialists and general dentists are listed on the TeethXpress website. Not only have we included their personal biographies, but each profile includes a practice philosophy as well. The practice philosophy will help you understand the dentist’s unique treatment approaches.

Warning: Do not base your choice of an implant dentist solely on cheaper pricing

“Cheap dental implants near me” is a term consumers commonly search through Google. This is a misguided way to select a dentist. You are entrusting your health to this individual. This is vastly different from purchasing a throw-away commodity product. We feel so strongly about this opinion that we wrote a full blog post explaining exactly why it is a bad idea.

Whether you need to replace a single missing tooth or are interested in replacing a loose denture with the TeethXpress full-mouth implant procedure, we recommend making a dentist’s credentials foremost in your decision-making, irrespective of their pricing. Why is this so?

A reputable implant dentist will choose to use premium implant manufacturers for their proven capabilities, not aftermarket or knockoff implant materials that may break down sooner than expected.

Instead of seeking the cheapest price, consider the multiple ways you can make quality dental implant care affordable. The Cost of Dental Implants page offers several commonly used methods that patients choose to make implant dentistry affordable.

When I saw my new teeth for the first time, I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy - I almost started crying.

- Kristie, a TeethXpress patient

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